How to Sell on Facebook Using Shopify: 5 Ways to Use Facebook Marketplace

When Facebook marketplace is used right you can maximize your sales and grow your business! Here is how to sell on Facebook using Shopify and how to take a full advantage of Facebook marketplace!

One of the best social platforms – Facebook is constantly presenting new ad features and options. Over the past couple of years, they have also been working on new product features. Facebook Messenger centralizes the personal interactions on the platform. You can start using Facebook Messenger for sophisticated interactions, for example, customer service. It is an excellent way to improve customer engagement.
Facebook marketplace is an open exchange where one business can post items for sale. There are millions of products for sale, ranging from video games to clothing. The buyer experience is simple and the way one customer can purchase something is simply effortless.
All Shopify owners can seamlessly push products to Facebook Marketplace without having to create duplicate product listings. If you aren’t built your Shopify store yet, we highly recommend you to follow this tips for selling on Facebook marketplace.
By using an app, you can easily integrate your Shopify and Facebook store, and sell all of your Shopify items on Facebook marketplace.

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In this article, we will discuss how you can take advantage of Facebook marketplace for your online business:

➢ Increase business awareness:

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Wondering what is the quickest way for a new business to boost sales? Believe it or not, it has everything to do with branding. Improving brand awareness is the easiest and fastest way to boost sales. People won’t purchase if they don’t know your brand or trust your business. You need to increase the number of people who know your brand and know who you are. Facebook is an excellent place to do that.

➢ Built trust:

Online customers look for known names when deciding to buy something. That is more important even over product price. When selling on Facebook using Shopify, people can see who you are and who they are doing business with.

5 Ways to Use Facebook Marketplace

➢ Analyze and research to see what sells:

Knowing your name is simply not enough for Facebook users to purchase your products. What you need to do is get them into your store. Before adding your products, you may do a quick research just to see which products are popular and once you have the attention of the potential buyers, you can sell them anything. Try to come up with an interesting way to get their attention. You need to get as creative and possible. Pay attention to the headline you are using, the featured image, the call to action in the description, and etc.

➢ Automating follow-up:

Every online store needs a follow-up strategy. You need a strategy you can use for someone who expresses an interest in your brand and the products you sell and conclude the sale. You can use marketing automation to scale a complicated and time-consuming process. You can also automate the communication process with chatbots and templates.

Sell on Facebook

➢ Sell more products.

The end goal of Facebook is to sell more products. If you post more products, people will click and buy. However, this is not always that simple in practice. You need to know who is your target group and who is ready to pay for your items. Start building your recognition and trust and watch people messaging you, asking you all kinds of questions. A simple sale becomes the best conduit to a profitable and long-lasting relationship.

With Facebook integrations, Shopify businesses are now able to get free exposure to new potential shoppers. All Shopify sellers can use Facebook to build trust, boost awareness, and test the market to determine the best way to position their products.

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