Shopify and Facebook

Selling on Facebook with Shopify: 5 Best Shopify Apps to Use

The Shopify App Store is filled with lots of great apps that can help you with selling on Facebook with Shopify and all of your daily tasks! Here are 5 best apps you can use!


If you have already chosen your Shopify plan and you’ve integrated your Shopify store with Facebook it is time to focus on selling your products.

The Shopify App Store is filled with hundreds and hundreds of apps that can help you with your daily obligations and responsibilities including selling on Facebook with Shopify, boosting your conversions, and maximizing your sales!

Here are 5 best Shopify apps to consider using:

    1. Oberlo: This is one of the best apps for product sourcing. Product sourcing is finding products to sell through your online store. If you are not sure what kind of products to sell on Shopify and Facebook, this is the perfect app for you. You can easily import and dropship items into your Shopify store. Have the orders shipped to your customers, and know what your inventory and prices are constantly updated. In other words, Oberlo helps you add products to your Shopify store and never worry about shipping or packaging,
    2. Pollen: One of the best Shopify apps for marketing. This app allows you to acquire customers on Facebook and other social platforms. Through powerful and highly effective automation, the app offers a simple marketing platform that’s the main goal is driving sales. It takes 2 minutes to prepare and start a campaign.
    3. Sufio: If you are looking for an app that will help you with accounting tasks, this is the perfect app for you. Sufio automatically sends invoices and receipts for every order. You can sell on new, local or international markets – the invoices can be sent worldwide. You can capture VAT numbers from companies and set them as VAT exempt. You can send invoices to customers by email or by including a download link to your store.
    4. Facebook Chat by Beeketing: WIth this app, you can chat with Facebook customers right on your Shopify store. You can view customers’ profiles and engage with them to boost sales. You can also offer customer support anytime and anywhere. If you want to leverage your Facebook business page and make it the most friendly sales channel, this is the perfect app for you.

  1. Sales Pop by Beeketing: You will get real-time notification of recent sales to boost customer buying confidence on both your Shopify store and your Facebook shop. You can build credibility and trust by allowing customers to know what other buyers are doing. In other words, this app helps you boost sales. When customers know what other visitors are buying, it creates a positive motivation for them to buy your products.

Got any other Shopify app recommendation?